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Denna sida är en del av AcadeMedias medarbetarwebb

Dokumentägare: Inköpschefen
Beslutad: 29 april 2019

På den här sidan hittar du koncernens inköpspolicy. Den är beslutad i, och gäller från, maj 2019. För tillfället finns den bara på engelska, men kommer att läggas upp här på svenska inom kort. Har du frågor, kontakta Claes Cakste.

1            Purchasing organization

The purchasing operations of AcadeMedia is organized in a purchasing department lead by the Purchasing Manager, where each legal entity/business segment are responsible for the local adherence of the Purchasing Policy within the legal entity/business segment.

The local manager has a delegated responsibility under the Procurement Policy to execute local purchasing as long as the value of the agreement does not exceed the local mandate given to the local manager. For agreements exceeding the local mandate, approval and signing is required according to the table of mandates (attestordningen).

Please note, that all Purchasing Policy requirements are mandatory also for local procurement performed by the local manager.

2            Procurement’s role and responsibilities

Purchasing has the role, based on the AcadeMedia Group’s requirements, of ensuring that all procurement is done following the minimum requirements in the Group’s Purchasing Process (see appendix 1), which includes all supplier contacts, negotiations and agreements for the purchase of all types of goods, equipment and services on the group’s behalf.

Purchasing shall adopt a high level of professionalism and a businesslike approach, and shall in all contexts take the interests of AcadeMedia into consideration. Purchasing shall employ a high degree of integrity and show respect for all business contacts.

Choice of Supplier

Purchasing is responsible for prioritization of assignments, negotiation and choice of supplier in consultation with the Internal Customer as well as for signing off on all agreements. All negotiations shall be carried out on a competitive basis, involving collection of at least three (3) offers from selected qualified suppliers, and in accordance with ethical and legal standards.

Purchase Agreements

Purchasing is responsible for the wording of agreements between AcadeMedia and suppliers. All purchase agreements shall include at a minimum the information specified in appendix 2 to this policy. Purchase agreements shall be approved and signed off by the appropriate person in the procurement organization according to the table of mandates (attestordningen), as well as the Internal Customer, if appropriate. The tables of authorities in normal operations also apply, and agreements are to be signed by the designated persons in operations in addition to Procurement.

All originals of the purchase agreements, as well as their competing offers to facilitate revision, shall be saved and archived for at least five (5) years by the local manager, or centrally by the Purchasing Manager for purchasing agreements exceeding the local mandate, in fire- and theft-proof cabinets.

Purchasing shall secure that the knowledge about the purpose, rights and obligations of a purchase agreement is transferred to the Internal Customer before any purchases under the agreement are executed.

Review of Purchase Agreements

Purchasing shall periodically review the usage of a representative sample of purchase agreements, to ensure that agreements are followed and have the intended results.

Purchasing shall also monitor agreement notice periods, expiration and renewal dates and in due time initiate new purchasing cycles with the Internal Customer.

Internal Customer

Purchasing always collaborates with the Internal Customer, i.e. departments with a requirement for purchase of goods or services. The Internal Customer shall always provide a specification of requirements, which shall form the basis of the procurement. To a reasonable extent Purchasing has the right to request product and material samples for evaluation.

The Internal Customer executes the purchases under the purchase agreements, and is responsible for having understood the purpose, rights and obligations of the agreement before any purchases are executed. The Internal Customer is also responsible for reporting any supplier or agreement issues to Purchasing during the term of the agreement, and the Internal Customer shall in collaboration with Purchasing decide on which actions to take to remedy any such issues.

3            Our view of the supplier

Academedia treats all its suppliers and business contacts fairly and impartially. We seek to work with suppliers who have a healthy long-term financial situation, and we seek stable long-term relations with suppliers with whom we can develop goods and services through mutual collaboration.

Purchasing primarily chooses suppliers who support AcadeMedia’s long-term requirements regarding quality, service, economy, ethics and environmental approach.

Purchasing is responsible for building healthy relations that create priority for AcadeMedia on the supplier market, thereby giving the group long-term competitive advantages.

4            Ethics

All procurement shall be carried out in accordance with AcadeMedia’s Code of Conduct. All business relations shall be characterized by an ethical and moral approach and shall adhere to current legislation and standards.

Ban on receiving gifts

The group’s employees or members of their families may not receive gifts or gratuities of any nature of a value in excess of SEK 500, or the statutory amount or standards if lower, from a current or potential supplier.

Conflict of interests

The group’s employees or their immediate families shall not have any involvement with or personal interest in the company’s suppliers. No employee may personally benefit from the group’s transactions with its suppliers, but employees may utilize any agreements Purchasing has signed for all employees with regard to special staff offers or discounts.

Representation, invitations etc.

All attendance at supplier related events involves representing, regardless of the time of day, must always take into consideration the Group’s interests and requires professional behavior at all times. You should always consult your manager as to whether it is appropriate to take part in an event, regardless of whether it takes place during or outside working hours. Invitations to anniversaries, inaugurations etc. are often to be deemed accepted, provided the representation is proportionate to the business dealings. It is thus not normally permitted to take part in events that involve travelling abroad, weekends in hotels, skiing trips or other leisure-activity trips, especially lavish meals etc., if the event is paid for by the supplier or equivalent. If in any doubt, consult your manager.

Mutual purchases

Mutuality (‘counter purchase business’) is not allowed. AcadeMedia does not give any supplier precedence for purchase of the group’s goods or services. Each deal is based on the merits of the individual product or service, e.g. expressed in terms of quality, performance, price or other terms.

5            Confidentiality

AcadeMedia shall deal with all information relating to enquiries, negotiations and all other parts of the procurement process confidentially.

AcadeMedia shall not disclose to a third party anything concerning our relationship to our suppliers or our business with them, unless the supplier has given his consent.

Advertising, articles, press releases or other messages from the supplier containing AcadeMedia’s trade names, in full or abbreviated form, or its logo aimed at third parties shall be approved by AcadeMedia Corporate Communications in advance.


Appendix 1. Minimum Requirements on the Procurement Process

Appendix 2. Minimum Requirements on Purchase Agreements

All purchase agreements shall include at least the following:

  1. Parties of the agreement (registration numbers)
  2. Type of agreement (e.g. purchase agreement)
  3. Scope of the agreement (product, services etc)
  4. Order conditions
  5. Delivery terms
  6. Liability for default
  7. Prices and payment terms
  8. Appointment and duration of the agreement
  9. Signatures according to AcadeMedia’s table of mandate